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Every donation counts and helps us provide the public with opportunities to participate in arts and culture—to keep them mentally and physically active, and socially connected, which is critical for healthy communities.

Our programs use visual arts to help ensure all members of our society are valued and engaged. Your support is greatly appreciated.

As a not-for-profit organisation with DGR status your donation is 100% tax deductible. 

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We invite you to join our community of dedicated supporters of the Arts and become a member of The Lester Collective, our exclusive donor circle initiative

Through a donation of $500 or more, you will help us to support artists and create a more vibrant, connected and culturally engaged community. As a not-for-profit with organisation with Deductible Gift Recipient status (DGR1) all donations over $2 are 100% tax deductible. Payments can be made using PayPal, or your bank credit card or statement account. We are enormously grateful for all donations and promptly thank and receipt all gifts.

As a member of The Lester Collective, we would be delighted to thank you and acknowledge you for your support with:

  • Invitations to exclusive behind the scenes events and “money can’t buy” art experiences that you, your family and your networks will love and connect with.
  • Be listed as a “The Lester Collective” donor in our Annual Report.
  • Receive regular eNewsletters and updates on the latest Exhibition Season happenings.
  • A copy of our recently published book “Through The Artists’ Eyes” signed by author,  Dr Shelley Craddock. This magnificent hardcover book was created to document and showcase our pivotal Black Swan Prize years (2007-2018). It includes 250 pages of stunning photos of winning artworks, the artists’ stories, and the self-doubt, rejection and inspiration behind many of Australia’s finest artists.

Our team can also work with you to develop bespoke benefits and recognition opportunities that suit your personal interests, organisational needs and level of giving.

We are very mindful that our community is currently facing a huge health, social and economic upheaval. It is at times like this that we turn to the Arts to find meaning and beauty.

The Lester Prize continues to work with artists providing them opportunities to create and inspire us. Help The Lester Prize bring our community closer together through engagement in art. 

Feel free to contact us if you have any queries or would like to recommend others to donate to The Lester Collective.

To all our Donors—our heartfelt thanks and gratitude for your shared love of visual arts. Your support has enabled us to create one of the country’s premier fine art prizes—an award that places artists and community proudly front-and-centre.

In alphabetical order:

  • Susanne Abbott
  • Angela and Wade Anderson
  • Geoff and Dawn Anderson
  • Michael Anderson
  • Sue Anderson
  • Zelinda Bafile
  • Joanne Baitz
  • Loretta Baker
  • Ann Barblett
  • Andrew Barclay
  • Elizabeth Barclay
  • Stewart Barrymore
  • David Bean
  • Simon Bedbrook
  • Patti Belletty
  • Cameron Belyea
  • Beeac Agriculture PTY LTD
  • Sally Bigwood
  • Marie Botsis
  • Gillian Booth-Yudelman
  • Miriam Borthwick
  • Wendy & Rod Brooks
  • Rob Bunning
  • Peter Burns
  • Katrina Burton
  • Pina Caffarelli
  • Kay Campbell
  • Maria Carboni
  • Emma Cearns
  • Paul Chamberlain
  • Deb Chappell
  • Citadel MAGNUS
  • Helen Clapin
  • Phillipa Clarke
  • Catherine Cole
  • Dr Judy Cole
  • Alana Corr
  • Louisa Corr
  • Joanne Cruickshank
  • Eileen Cunningham
  • Elizabeth Cunningham
  • Chris Dale
  • Patrick Dawkins
  • Simon Dixon
  • Christopher Doepel and Victoria Battersea
  • The Dowland Foundation
  • Paul and Didi Downie
  • Jo-Ann Eastwood
  • Jacquline El-Saleh
  • Delwyn Everard
  • Susanne Finn    
  • Nicola Forrest 
  • Caroline Friend
  • Minali Gamage
  • John Gardnar
  • Gina Gliddon
  • John Greenaway
  • Connie Gugich
  • Lisa Hando
  • Chris Hedges
  • Damian Hicks
  • Tom Hogdkins
  • Marina Hogan
  • Peter & Michelle Hollings
  • Hannah House
  • Paul Hughes
  • Laurence Iffla
  • Alana John
  • Cynda Johnston
  • Rebecca Justice
  • JJ Leach Charitable Foundation
  • Julienne Penny Tunbridge Gallery
  • Maria Kailis
  • Martin Kain
  • Linda Kenyon
  • Janette and Rob Kirkby
  • Jacquelene Knuckey
  • Fiona Lake
  • Katherine Langdon
  • John Langoulot
  • Kim Larsen
  • Jeff Leach
  • Peter Lee and Shareen Traub
  • Alan Legge
  • Peter Leonhardt
  • Dr William and Mrs Susan Macdonald
  • Troy MacMillan
  • Jody Manning
  • David Martin
  • Georgina Maslen
  • Julius and Catherine Matthys
  • Rob Maurich
  • Nina McLernon
  • Liliana Mironovoa
  • Phil McCann and Felicity Davis
  • Konrad and Diane Mony de Kerloy
  • Bill and Claire Moody
  • Alan Mulgrew
  • Alex Norvilas     
  • Jeremy and Jill Nyman   
  • Mark Paganin
  • Kate Parker
  • Tony Parker
  • Roger Paterson
  • Julienne Penny
  • Julie Petley
  • Tony Pickworth
  • Katie Porter
  • Edward Preston
  • Dawn Quackenbush
  • Ian Rakich
  • Bronwyn Rasmussen
  • Jen Rawlinson    
  • Peter and Leslie Raynor
  • Ann Robinson
  • Leigh Robinson
  • Pauline Rowe
  • Lorraine Rowley
  • Leah Royle
  • Grant Russell
  • Linda Savage
  • Steven Shadwell
  • Jenny Shaw
  • Aislyn Shepherd
  • Janine Spencer
  • Sherri & Adrian Staltari
  • Carole Stevens
  • Brent Stewart
  • Vicki Stewart
  • Richard Stone
  • Denise Stransky
  • Paul and Carla Sullivan
  • Tahlia Teoh
  • Phil Thick & Paula Rogers
  • Rebecca Tompkinson
  • Dr Ed and Mrs Julie Van Beem
  • Andrew Wackett
  • Penny Wilding
  • Wayne Zekulich


  • Our kind donors who wish to remain anonymous

Sponsorship & In-Kind Opportunities

The Lester Prize is committed to developing meaningful, long term strategic partnerships with business and community.

Contact us for more information.

Connect with the art world, enrich your community and make meaningful connections as a Lester Prize volunteer. Volunteers bring our vision to life of creating a culturally rich society.

We are on the hunt for a group of passionate volunteers to join our team for the 2024 Exhibition and Events Season. This is a unique experience to work on a major national arts event that showcases artists from across Australia.

Our mission is to deliver high quality exhibitions, events and programs for artists and the greater community, using visual arts to celebrate the practice of portraiture. Volunteers make this mission possible.


We require dedicated, well-informed volunteers who enjoy interacting with the public and promoting the exhibition, the artists and the artworks with our community.

The Lester Prize volunteer program provides structured shifts for both weekday and weekend volunteer work, allowing individuals the opportunity to work in varying stages of the exhibition season in roles including gallery invigilation, opening nights and events.

Background in the Arts, history or education is encouraged, but not a pre-requisite. We will provide you with recognition, support, training, and information required to undertake your duties.


  • Gain experience in the Australian arts sector
  • Build your personal and professional network in the arts and community development sectors
  • Enhance your skills and experience with a range of opportunities across events, marketing, prize administration and customer service
  • Invitations to exclusive Lester Prize events
  • Join our supportive and dedicated team of art enthusiasts

To express your interest in joining The Lester Prize’s Volunteer program, please register using the form below. Volunteers are selected by interview.

For further information please contact

I have loved everything about my volunteering experience this year! It’s been absolutely amazing and enriching for me, and I hope to volunteer again soon.

It was such a pleasure assisting with the running of the Youth Awards Night... It was wonderful to meet and see the work of so many young and very talented artists. I’m so glad it went so smoothly and successfully.