The Slim but Savage Selection – ABC Radio Perth Portrait Competition

ABC Radio Perth, in collaboration with The Lester Prize, presents the winning artwork of The Slim but Savage Selection.

During August, ABC listeners were invited to create portraits of the beloved ABC producer, Brad McCahon. Known as the “Slim but Savage One,” Brad’s familiar voice has accompanied many of us throughout our mornings on the Breakfast show for over 20 years. However, few of us can put a face to the voice. Now, Brad has taken centre stage, with artists across Western Australia creating compelling portraits of Slim.

Brett McPherson’s winning work is a lively caricature of the Slim but Savage One — capturing both his witty humour and bold character. The work playfully represents the face behind the familiar voice.

The Lester Prize and ABC Radio Perth congratulate all who participated and shared their work.

The Slim but Savage Selection - Winner


Brett McPherson
Slim making an impact
oil on canvas



I have expressed the effect that ABC radio has on me through this portrait of Brad McCahon. Using dramatic and high-impact representation, as suggested by his nickname, “Slim but Savage,” I have used caricature to capture Brad’s outstanding features. I have never entered an art competition before and am proud to have done so.