Shadow and bloom

Jess Le Clerc

Artist Statement
Shadow and bloom is a portrait of my three daughters—Eden, Jewel and Summer. One day, I watched them jump into the dam by our house. They were playing in the calm waters with the blooms while being drawn in by the shadows of the murky waters.

About the Subject
My three daughters Eden, Jewel and Summer overflow with a joyous honesty that always brings me back to myself. They laugh with their entire body, and cry until there is nothing left. They are honest because they are unaware there is another option—they believe that the present moment is all that exists.

Further Insight
Jess Le Clerc is an artist from Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. She is a mother of four children and started painting full-time in 2016. Le Clerc studied art with Peter Mortimore in Dubbo at the age of 16. In 1998, she began teaching art classes for children, which grew into an art school for all ages in Sydney. She is currently the Director of Art School Co. which has over 400 weekly students.

Le Clerc has been a finalist in Percival Portrait Prize, Stanthorpe Art Prize, Shirley Hannan National Portrait Award and Lethbridge 20000.

Medium: Oil on canvas

Size: 76 cm x 102 cm

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