Artist Antoinette Barbouttis

Saturday, Nov 9, 2019

1:00pm – 3:00pm

The Lester Prize for Portraiture 2019 Finalists will facilitate a series of engaging workshops for the public.

Get inspired as artists teach valuable skills and provide insights into the creation and stories behind their works.

Strictly limited—bookings essential.


Participants to bring the following item/s:

  • 1 x A3 B&W photocopy of a photograph of someone you are close to / have a strong connection with
  • 1 x Ruler
  • 1 x HB pacer

Antoinette Barbouttis—Finalist 2019, Winner 2018

How to create a symphonic bond between artist, sitter and audience through traditional and contemporary techniques.
Antoinette Barbouttis is a theatre practitioner, writer, and fine artist. She was the winner of The Lester Prize (formally the Black Swan Prize) in 2018. Her fine art practice is economical – limited to willow charcoal and paper. Antoinette forms relationships prior to commencing her work, and develops them further with the sitter as the work progresses. Antoinette coins her work as “slow art” as is takes a good 3-4 months to complete an A0 sized work.

Event Location

Art Gallery WA Education Studio
Perth Cultural Centre, James Street Mall entrance
Perth, WA, 6000

Event Fees