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Portraiture is the most accessible form of visual art. No matter the style in which it is rendered, the human likeness is something we can all relate to. It’s the one form of art we have all created at some point in our lives—there is something elemental in human nature that drives us to draw or paint the likenesses of people.

We don’t have to be experts to enjoy portraiture and we are proud to provide Western Australia with the opportunity to engage with the best of the artform each year in a format that puts the artists and community front-and-centre.

A special mention also goes out to the following artists selected by the Pre-Selection Panel as Semi-Finalists for our Salon. This digital exhibition of 45 artworks will allow the public to experience the full variety of works submitted. The works will be presented as part of The Lester Prize’s ‘On The Big Screen’ program and digitally printed on 2.4m high outdoor exhibition boxes at Brookfield Place and other locations around the Perth CBD during November.

Sandy Abbott • Roderick Anderson • Chris Arnol • Manjula Atukorala • Joshua Baldwin • David Beaumont • Bob Booth • Joanne Braddy •
Celene E. Bridge • Daniel Butterworth • Michelle Campbell • Ilze Cant • Mal Chambers • Melissa Clements • Tilly Clough • Desiree Crossing •
Philip David • Julie Davidson • Rachelle Dusting • Genevieve Gadd • Ruth Gavin • Paul Gorjan • Jess Hall • Trudi Harley • Sarah Hickey •
Margaret Ingles • Stephanie Garcia Jowett • Sally Winch Kay • Bahman Kermany • Lavinia Letheby • Lisa May • Deeva Muir • Justin Pearson •
Lilly Piri • Joel Pitman • Andy Quilty • Judy Rogers • Nicole Sacks • Megan Seres • Michael Simms • Peter Smeeth • Colleen Stapleton •
Carolyn White • Narelle Zeller