Kate Parker

Kate is an accomplished cultural strategist and project manager. Her work draws on 10 years’ experience in the cultural sector, ranging from public art project management, cultural policy and strategy to business planning for arts organisations.

Following 5 years at not-for-profit arts organisation FORM, Kate joined Perth-based consultancy element in 2018, where she established the Arts and Culture team. Under Kate’s leadership, element is responsible for delivering some of our State’s most significant programs of public art, with over $15million in commissions currently in the pipeline, alongside strategies and advisory services for diverse clients across public and private sectors.

Known for her creative perspective and practical approach, Kate is passionate about promoting a contributing to a sustainable cultural sector. She views culture as an integral part of everyday life, and often works as at the intersection of the creative sector and private industry, shaping opportunities through partnerships and innovative projects.

Alongside Kate’s position at element, her most recent personal initiative is Temp – a contemporary gallery connecting new collectors with early career artists and affordable art via ‘temporary’ locations.

As an advocate for the arts, Kate joined the board of The Lester Prize in August 2023, and is a member of the PICA Art1000 and AGWA Foundation.