Tim, third-degree burns

Rachel Coad

Artist Statement
Tim is a unique and impressive character whose artistic career is long and accomplished. Preparing for this portrait, I spent a significant amount of time sketching, photographing and getting to know Tim between Fremantle and York. Having been shown his work in person, I have since been viewing more of his work via his YouTube channel. I decided to paint Tim with no props—in simply a t-shirt, shorts and his trademark glasses. He is larger-than-life and a perfect work of art just as he is.

About the Subject
Tim Burns has been an important figure in the history of Australian underground art. He rose to notoriety in the early 1970s with a series of (literally) explosive art actions, before decamping to New York where he remained, on and off, until the mid-1990s. He now resides in York, Western Australia.

Further Insight
In a painting career spanning fifteen years, Rachel Coad has exhibited in both Australia and the UK. She was awarded winner of The Lester Prize in 2016 and has been a finalist for numerous art awards including the Doug Moran Portrait Prize (2019), Kilgour Art Prize (2018, 2016), Shirley Hannan National Portrait Prize (2016), Bankwest Art Prize (2015, 2014) and the Albany Art Prize (2016, 2013).

Medium: Oil on linen

Size: 200 cm x 166 cm

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