Self-portrait with Egon Schiele print

Thomas Chandler

Artist Statement
In the studio, time passes in a manner different to the outside world. Many hours are spent on the sofa examining incomplete art works, taking a break from painting, or simply reading. The studio is an oasis—a contemplative place—where the hours always swiftly float by, and where I could never spend enough time.

Further Insight
Thomas Chandler, born 1988, is a self-taught artist currently based in Launceston.

Working predominantly with oil and acrylic, Chandler’s figurative paintings focus upon the human experience in relation to the built environment. Drawing inspiration from people, objects and the natural world that we all collectively inhabit. He holds a Bachelor in Architecture from the University of Tasmania, Hobart.

Medium: Oil on canvas

Size: 120 cm x 91 cm

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