Artist: Serena Cowie
Title: The conversation
Subject: Maria Arvanitis and Alexandra Perrott
Medium: oil on canvas
Size: 50 x 50 cm

The Lester Prize Judges’ Comments:

“The polished execution of The conversation and the portrayal of the intimacy between these two larger-than-life women, offer a compelling insight into the nature of friendship in an era of social and digital media. The exquisitely refined facture of this painting is perfectly attuned to the temporal sensibilities of our technological age.”

$10,000 Tony Fini Foundation Artist Prize Winner

As voted by The Lester Prize 2020 Finalists

$10,000 Minderoo Foundation Spirit Prize Winner

As voted by the Minderoo Foundation

Galloway_Sebastian_Warm air, cool light

Artist: Sebastian Galloway

Title: Warm air, cool light

Subject: Pirrin Francis

Medium: oil on Aluminium

Size: 60 x 40 cm

Evangelou_Stacey_Warrior by spirit

Artist: Stacey Evangelou

Title: Warrior by spirit

Subject: Joe Williams

Medium: charcoal and white chalk on toned paper

Size: 49 x 47 cm

The Minderoo Foundation Judges’ comments:

“The work is an exemplary reflection of the values advocated by the Minderoo Foundation Spirit Prize. It’s a remarkable work that demonstrates the care and empathy between the portraitist and the subject. The work acknowledges the resilience of First Nations people, and celebrates Joe’s personal courage and determination.”

$10,000 People’s Choice Award Winner donated by the Baldock Family

As voted by the public

Le Clerc_Jess_Shadow and bloom

Artist: Jess Le Clerc

Title: Shadow and bloom

Subject: Eden Le Clerc, Jewel Le Clerc and Summer Le Clerc

Medium: oil on canvas

Size: 76 x 102 cm

$5,000 Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize Winner

Falkner Babbel_Kierah_Race car ya ya

Artist: Kierah Falkner Babbel
Title: Race car ya ya
Subject: Robyn Babbel and Karl Babbel
Medium: acrylic on canvas
Size: 76.2 x 61 cm

The Lester Prize Judges’ Comments:

“This effervescent portrayal of Robyn and Karl Babbel speaks to the joy of life and familial relationships. Surrounded by a cornucopia of personal belongings, this couple’s flamboyance is conveyed with a quiet and respectful tenderness that is astutely balanced against a bold and courageous use of colour.”

$2,300 Highly Commended Winners

Anderson_Daevid_The dying slave- study ADJ

Artist: Daevid Anderson
Title: The dying slave – study
Subject: Andrew Nicholls
Medium: oil on canvas board
Size: 40.6 x 30.5 cm

The Lester Prize Judges’ Comments:

“Daevid Anderson utilises extraordinary technical skill to craft a compelling portrait of a fellow artist that successfully reveals a deep sense of the sitter’s own creative sensitivities and sense of self.”

Cocking_Joshua_Making plants (a portrait of Franque) ADJ

Artist: Joshua Cocking
Title: Making plants – a portrait of Franque
Subject: Franque Batty
Medium: oil on linen
Size: 182 x 182 cm

Judges’ Comments:

“In his majestic Portrait of Franque, Joshua Cocking situates the noble banality of everyday life alongside colonial representations of the Australian landscape. In so doing he elevates his neighbour Franque into an almost heroic figure who humbly commands a skillfuLly painted illusion of collaged make-believe landscapes.”