As voted by the 2019 Judging Panel


Artist: Liam Nunan
Title: Jonny Hawkins
Subject: Jonny Hawkins
Medium: oil on canvas
Size: 64 x 48 cm


Judges’ Comment (Jaklyn Babington, Melissa Harpley, Prof Ted Snell):

“Like all good portrait’s portrayal of his friend Jonny Hawkins reveals just enough to encourage us to search for more. And there is more! Jonny’s introspective, downcast gaze, the sombre palette the brooding expression are tantalising lures that draw us closer to this man. We want to know more about his relationship with Liam and how this document of their friendship materialised. The artist’s statement is another intriguing hook. How do we reconcile this ‘moment of reflective contemplation’ with Jonny’s ‘infectious grin’ and ‘love of disco’? Although new to painting Liam is attuned to the humanity of his subject, and that makes him a worthy winner of this important prize.”

Highly Commended Winners

As voted by the 2019 Judging Panel

Artist: Jeff Bryant
Title: Lazarus
Subject: Self-portrait
Medium: oil on canvas
Size: 110 x 130 cm

Judges’ Comment (Jaklyn Babington, Melissa Harpley, Prof Ted Snell):

“What an arresting self-portrait. Here the viewer is moved beyond the biblical narrative of Christ’s raising of Lazarus from the dead, and is drawn directly into the psychological realm. Presenting more than the likeness of a person, we share the electric shock of Lazarus as he is rudely awoken; startled eyes and hand thrusting out of the picture’s space into our own as if to grab us. This meditation on mortality is well supported by the artist’s handling of paint so that we feel the weight of the body on the couch and its fleshiness, as well as the contrasts between smooth shroud and the rough fabric of the cushions.”

Artist: Nicole O’Loughlin
Title: The artist Mother is present
Subject: Self-portrait
Medium: watercolour, gouache and ink on paper
Size: 86 x 79 cm

Judges’ Comment (Jaklyn Babington, Melissa Harpley, Prof Ted Snell):

“Incorporating the aesthetics of weaving, embroidery and textiles (traditionally deemed ‘women’s work’ and subsequently positioned as political), Nicole O’Loughlin’s composition is embellished with an array of symbolic flora and fauna. Yet, the image speaks directly to female artistic endurance. Many personas are present within this ‘self-portrait’: we find a maker, a working mother, as well as reference to some of the greatest women artists of the 20th and 21st centuries (including a title nod to Marina Abramovich). In this way, the artist ‘works’ the image: literally and metaphorically weaving together a medieval icon, matrilineal art history and her own personal experience. O’Loughlin uses the portrait genre as a means to celebrate the numerous layers and constellation of influences that comprise us all. A highly commended work.”

$10,000 Tony Fini Foundation Artist Prize Winner

As voted by the 2019 TLP Finalists

$7,500 Baldock Family People's Choice Prize Winner

As voted by the public

1300 x 2000 oil on linen

Artist: Lori Pensini

Title: Banksia grandis—love begets love

Subject: Mitch Pensini

Medium: oil on linen

Size: 130 x 200 cm

Artist: Jordan Andreotta

Title: Sr Flora 

Subject: Sr Flora Ricupero

Medium: graphite and pencil on paper

Size: 41 x 55 cm