2023 Pre-Selection Panellists | Youth Awards


Miranda Johnson is a writer and curator from Boorloo (Perth). She is a founding member of Cool Change Contemporary and was previously co-director of Moana Project Space. Miranda was the Hatched Curatorial Fellow at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts. Miranda is a visual arts writer for local arts publication Seesaw Magazine. Her writing has been published in exhibition catalogues and journals in Australia, Taiwan, Canada, Germany and the UK. She graduated with a Masters (Distinction) in Contemporary Art Theory from Goldsmiths, London in 2015, and in 2017 was a participant in the Australia Council’s Venice Biennale professional development program.


Yabini Kickett (Esther McDowell) is a descendant of the Kickett and Hayden families of the Bibulmun/Noongar Nation. Having grown up with an artist and poet mother, as well as a photographer and land conservationist father, her practice is heavily rooted in language, endemic plants, family, totemic relations and found objects from country. Yabini had always shown an interest in visual arts. During her childhood she and her sister Emily-Jane would often go bush with their parents in search of native orchids, naturally they have featured in much of her work, holding much personal and cultural importance to her.  In late 2017 Yabini participated in the National Indigenous Arts Leadership program at the National Gallery, this experience helped foster lasting relationships and deeply encouraged her to pursue working within Visual Arts. Currently Yabini is experimenting with textiles, and found objects, with a focus on animal remains from hunting and road kill. The resulting works are often about place and the solastalgia associated with the destruction of country.


Tim Meakins is a Perth (Boorloo) based Artist and Designer. Tim is 1/2 of TERMSOFSERVICE. A collaborative design practice with NYC based designer Simran Singh. Working across sculpture, painting, print, animation and publishing, he employs a visual grammar drawn from the history (and present) of computer graphics/operating systems and cartoons to create intensely energetic propositions around the ever-mutating forms, limits, plasticity, optical register and possibilities of digital and analogue states-of-being.

2023 Judges | Youth Awards

To be announced.