Ordella Wall

Artist Statement
Having emigrated to Australia from Hong Kong, Tony has become a successful entrepreneur, running his own architecture firm in Sydney. A unique and colourful individual, Tony is many things—loud, funny, superstitious, philosophical and wise.

As an artist, what interests me most about Tony is not only his heritage and personality but his core ethos. He looks to shape the world we live in and create something lasting. Ultimately, he wants to leave a legacy. This really speaks to me and inspires my work. I like the idea of leaving something behind and what it means for our story.

About the Subject
Tony Leung is an entrepreneur and founder of a+ Design Group in Sydney.

Further Insight
Ordella Wall studied Fine Art and Photography at Plymouth College of Art, before moving to Sydney in 2002. As an artist, Wall has three core principles that she weaves into her work—heart, head and hand. Having ‘heart’ is to evoke an instant gut reaction or emotion. ‘Head’ is the idea or the inspiration behind it. ‘Hand’ is the craft that goes into each piece. Wall endeavours to approach each artwork in a unique way to express an individual narrative. She sees herself as a perceptionist and uses art filled with meaning to gain insight, and to connect and explore the world around her.

Medium: Oil on canvas

Size: 46 cm x 46 cm

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