Self-portrait with iPhone

Anthony Bartok

Artist Statement
After watching two hours of YouTube interviews with Ringo Starr, I became quite introspective. Seeing my reflection on the black screen, I was suddenly made aware of myself—realising that I had not thought about myself in any meaningful way for a very long time.

Who am I really, who do I want to be and what am I doing?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, I have experienced the passage of time in a different way. This period of introspection has allowed me to reflect on the numbness of consumption and how it manifests in my everyday life.

Further Insight
Anthony Bartok is a painter and printmaker based in Sydney. His work is intended as a wry comment on modern society.

Bartok is a 2021 MFA candidate of the National Art School, and has previously been a finalist in the Kilgour Art Prize (2019), Mosman Art Prize (2017), and winner of the Fisher’s Ghost Award for Drawing, Painting and Printmaking (2016).

Medium: Acrylic on wood panel

Size: 30 cm x 40 cm

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