Self-portrait pursuing the three perfections

Datsun Tran

Artist Statement
Since the start of lockdown, I have reverted to the first art forms I ever learnt. My dad taught me calligraphy as a child, but it was something I stopped doing in my teenage years. After a 25-year break, I’ve picked up the old brush again and it’s like I never stopped. Muscle memory takes over and all the art I’ve made in the last 20 years flows through me—it’s something comforting and certain in an uncertain world.

Further Insight
Datsun Tran is an Australian artist. His work primarily features the natural world, but at its core, it is all about us—our human story. Tran’s work explores themes of conflict and utopia, filtered through the lens of what we have in common, rather than what separates us.

Tran has exhibited extensively in Australia, as well as North America, Asia and Europe. He has had over 25 solo and group shows, exhibited in over 30 art fairs, and has been a finalist in over 25 art prizes.

Medium: Ink on paper

Size: 130 cm x 60 cm

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