Road to nowhere

Janne Kearney

Artist Statement
Pointlessly throwing coins in a wishing well, making birthday wishes, wishing upon a star.
Only finding broken wish bones, broken dreams, broken hearts.
Take me away, run away… off to the moon and the stars.
Don’t want to leave, just want to stay, I’ll find a place, gotta get away.
Running all the time, where am I running to,
Somewhere no one knows, there is nowhere to go.

About the Subject
Teah Raeburn is a model I have painted many times. The bus was dumped in an abandoned factory yard and covered in graffiti.

Further Insight
Janne Kearney is an internationally recognised, award-winning realist artist based in Geelong. She has been a finalist in over 80 prestigious international and national art prizes and exhibited in Italy, Spain, USA and UK.

Kearney has been selected as a finalist in the BP Portrait Prize (2017) at the National Portrait Gallery in London. She won the prestigious FWSD Fashion Week San Diego ARC Award (2018), an international travelling exhibition in Los Angeles, New York, San Diego and Barcelona. She was most recently announced as winner of the 2020 Lethbridge 20000.

Medium: Oil on canvas

Size: 100 cm x 100 cm

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