Lauren Snowden

Artist Statement
An old man sits in the doorway of a darkened room. He reminisces on his youth as he waits for his time to draw to an end. The comfort gained from his thoughts are of a bygone age, and another country that holds little resemblance to the environment his eyes take in.

My memories, stimulated by the photographs which were used to develop this composition, recall the encouragement that Percy offered his children. Pushing us to extend ourselves, to laugh, live and take chances, where he himself didn’t seek the limelight. He celebrated family and accepted the highs and lows that came with life.

Here I reveal Percy Paul, my father and encourager of my dreams.

About the Subject
Percy Paul was a God-fearing man who stayed in the shadows, where those closest to him witnessed his self-effacement. Though celebrated for his sporting and musical aptitude, and awarded for ‘superior ability’ as a white-collar worker in Australia, for him immigration was his greatest dream fulfilled.

Engaging with us through words and games, my father encouraged a great dexterity of mind, teaching us how to exercise free thinking and to dance with our thoughts. He took pride in his appearance, and found pure joy in seeing his family grow. His presence is deeply missed.

Further Insight
Lauren Snowden is an emerging artist who completed a BFA (Honours) at RMIT, Melbourne. She uses a variety of mediums to communicate post-colonial concepts in relation to her personal and familial history.

Focused on breaking-down barriers that exist due to visual differences, Snowden experiments with discarded materials using haptic play to change the form and function of substances. These actions serve to present the familiar in unexpected ways, to represent the ‘other’ and bridge cultural divides. By using traditional art practices such as painting and sculpture, Snowden endeavours to unite perspectives and validate lived experience.

Medium: Oil on canvas

Size: 150 cm x 92 cm

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