Artist: Jana Vodesil-Baruffi
Subject: Paige
Title: Black swan

Judges’ Comments:

Dr Sarah Engledow, Wendy Sharpe and Melissa Harpley

“This is a powerful confronting image. Intense and moving with a meaningful use of black. Superbly arresting subject. Brilliant use of paint. Very interesting, subtle contrast between two figures, one withdrawn and one bold. Defiant gaze but it’s also reproachful, like a wounded ghost emerging from the darkness, about to be re-absorbed (from Hamlet’s father). Portrait compositionally powerful. Successful use of dark background from which figure emerges. Beautifully painted flesh, hair and fabric. Compelling. Shows two sides of subject vulnerable and defiant/strong. Close observation of human condition. Tough work.”

Highly Commended Winners

Artist: Effie Pryer
Subject: Emily Saal
Title: Till death us

Judges’ Comments:

Dr Sarah Engledow, Wendy Sharpe and Melissa Harpley 
“An interesting, mysterious image. Something you keep returning to full of empathy. Beautifully rendered. Fascinating contrast between Emily and the Macaws. Quiet interiority, colour both subtle and bold. Glow. Gentle. Very skilful treatment of skin, textile and feathers. Soft and human. Skilful use of light. Macaw looks boldly at the painter. Personality of two sitters – human and macaw and interaction. Strong composition. Beautifully painted.”

Artist: Natasha Walsh
Subject: Natasha Walsh (self-portrait)
Title: In the studio

Judges’ Comments:

Dr Sarah Engledow, Wendy Sharpe and Melissa Harpley
“A sensitive, honest, delicate, intimate portrait. Appealing, interrogative, convincing self-analysis. Effective re-working of miniature genre. Beautiful use of paint. Convex mirror also an amusing revision of tradition. Witty. Engaging view of figure in space. Artist thinking about act of looking and making an image. Skilful miniature.”

$10,000 Tony Fini Foundation Artist Prize Winner

As voted by the 2017 BSPP Finalists

$7,500 Baldock Family People's Choice Prize Winner

As voted by the public


Artist: Marie Mansfield

Subject: Mertim Gökalp

Title: Mertim


Artist: Nick Stathopoulos

Subject: Deng Thiak Adut

Title: Deng 2