Artist: Iain Dean
Subject: Pilar Mata Dupont
Title: Pilar Mata Dupont

Judges’ Comments:

“The artist has managed to capture a contemplative moment in the subject’s portrait. The face’s skin left mostly unpainted, the impression is that it is almost a reverse or photographically negative image, with spare but colourful minimalist strokes to create a very essential portrait. There is a real sense of ease and lightness. It is not overworked nor labored, thus bringing a directness to it. It has a very contemporary feel without getting away from a recognizable representation of the subject. The subject seems to be deep in thought – and for a portrait that is so essentially presented, to be able to communicate that inner life, to say a lot with very little, is a real achievement. “

Highly Commended Winners

Artist: Andrew Bonneau
Subject: David Goebels
Title: David wearing Yukata

Judges’ Comments:

“The first Highly Commended is awarded to a work that has great sensitivity and shows the subject’s gentle and comfortable personality.”

Artist: Benjamin Aitken
Subject: Stefan Camilleri
Title: Stefan

Judges’ Comments:

“In the second Highly Commended work the artist has been able to portray the subject with a minimalist approach avoiding to indicate any kind of background, at the same time revealing his complexity through a ghostly double-portrait.”

Artist: Claire Bridge
Subject: Medina Sumovic
Title: Sanctuary

Judges’ Comments:

“The judges were impressed also with the essentiality of the third Highly Commended work. The artist has aptly captured the inner silent world in which the deaf sitter lives. The judges appreciated in particular the contrast between the softness and quietness of the sitter’s face and the sharpness of the patterned fabric she is wearing.”

$7,500 St John of God Health Care People's Choice Prize


Artist: Joel Rea

Title: Chris Hemsworth

Subject: Chris Hemsworth

Medium: oil on on canvas

Size: 140 x 140 cm