Sid Pattni

Artist Statement
My consciousness is largely shaped by science and rational thinking—yet I’ve always been intrigued by what religion can offer a non-theist. My Ba (grandmother) has been intensely governed by religion throughout her life and I’ve been fascinated by the trust she places in Hinduism. Faith seeks to examine the transcendence and levity that my Ba’s faith gives her. Her devotion and clarity toward Hinduism is something I am both awed and perplexed by.

About the Subject
My Ba is a staunchly religious woman who will often spend 8-10 hours in her temple every day. One of her daily rituals is the mala (prayer beads). She will turn the mala between her finger tips for hours on end whilst reciting mantras. As this ritual is performed, she enters into a deeply meditative state by focussing on the sound of the mantra being chanted rather than its repetitions.

Further Insight
Sid Pattni is an Indian-Australian artist who was born in London, raised in Kenya and currently resides in Perth. Working primarily in painting and embroidery, much of Pattni’s work is centred upon the seen and unseen. He is interested in the undercurrents which run throughout society, and seeks to depict figures and objects that tell interesting stories about a specific time and place.

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Size: 122 cm x 153 cm

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