Fiona O'Byrne

Artist Statement
Eleven represents a little corner of my world—the intimate, everyday moments which fill my home. Sometimes between work, family and painting, life can feel incredibly busy and overwhelming. However, in the process of capturing this small, largely insignificant moment time momentarily stood still.

About the Subject
My son, Remy Frazzetto is a quiet, gentle little guy—the calmest person in our family and the perfect sitter for a portrait. Mostly, he chooses to spend his time either outdoors bushwalking or curled up inside reading, knitting, or playing his Rubik’s Cube and Nintendo 3DS. Sometimes I feel like he’s eleven going on seventy.

Further Insight
Fiona O’Byrne grew up within a stone’s throw of the Murray River and found entertainment in exploring local bushland and parkland. This is where she developed a love of plants and the outdoors. O’Byrne went on to study Landscape Architecture and has worked in this field for over 20 years. She first picked up a paintbrush at age 36 and since then, for almost a decade, she has divided her time between painting and landscape architecture.

Medium: Oil on canvas

Size: 80 cm x 70 cm

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